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Nationstates Example

Advanced Nationstates Support

Perfect for any server based around Nationstates as members will keep on returning to show off their amazing nation. Ever needed to chase up those annoying nations that just wont endorse your fearless leader? Well just run the "endorsementchecker" command to get lists of all the servers that have and have not endorsed the server specified.

Translation Example. Showing the reaction based menu for changing automatic translation options.

Easy to use Translation

Running a server with many different languages thrown around? That's no problem for JakeBot! With the all-new translation system, you can automatically (or manually) translate any language you can think of with 9 different styles of translation result to suit your server's atmosphere! You can even set 1 auto-translation to run in several channels, ignore specific words or only translate specific people! View Free Tier and Upgrade Paths!

JakeMorph Example

Custom Roleplay Profiles

Create your own instant-accounts that can be spoken through at your command. These can be used for roleplaying, simulating activity or just having fun! You can even duplicate a friends name and profile picture with just a mention!