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j!ascii [*font] [message]

Ascii-ify some text, with optional fonts available (font list at artii)

j!jakemorph [add, delete, list, toggle, edit] [extras]

A Morph is a quickly accessible "Fake Account" that you can swap with using a simple trigger. Click here to see an example! Add a new Morph by specifying "add" after the command. To quickly copy someone's account you can mention them in the [extras] section. Delete a Morph by specifying "delete" after the command. List all your current Morphs by specifying "list" after the command. Toggle a Morph on or off by specifying "toggle" after the command. Edit any detail of a Morph by specifying "edit" after the command. Jump ahead of the morph selecton menu by specifying the prefix of the morph you want to delete, toggle or edit in the [extras] section

j!say [channel, message]

Make Jake say whatever message you want! Specify a channel in any part of the message to send it there! [TTS COMPATIBLE]

j!pyramidtext [message]

Turn your message into a super trendy youtube comment pyramid!

j!wiggle [message]

Wiggle a message into the heavens! The shorter the message the longer the wiggle! Message must be shorter than 137 characters!

j!wordcloud [*channel or "global"] [*message cap] [*user]

Create a super pretty wordcloud! With the ability to limit it to specific users or channels. Message cap is maximum amount of messages the bot will collect to put into the wordcloud (max of 12000). Type global in replacement of a channel to get messages from every channel. If the wordcloud isn't completely filled it is most likely due to the words in that channel not being different enough from each other. Buy an upgrade package to increase the maximum word limit here!


Runs an interactive menu allowing you to change wordcloud settings. Including: word blacklists, choose whether links and mentions appear in the wordcloud and what wordcloud preset you want to use.